Powering Indiana's past, present, and future with reliable energy.

With eight decades of commitment and counting - we continue to be the driving force behind Indiana's energy stability, delivering reliability and a brighter tomorrow that you can count on.

We proudly stand as the leading bulk transporter, distinguished among the top service providers for the MISO electrical grid. Our fleet of trucks traverses their designated routes daily, dedicated to upholding and enhancing our well-earned reputation.

Our team matters.

Our team is the heartbeat of our organization, a collective force driven by passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence. Each member plays a crucial role in our success, contributing unique skills and perspectives that collectively shape our identity. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where every individual is valued, empowered, and inspired to bring their best to the table. Our team’s dedication is not just a cornerstone of our operation; it’s the essence of who we are and the driving force behind our continued growth and success.

  • Bulk Drivers

    “I like working here because it’s close to home and I get to be home every night. It is a family oriented company. Everyone is very helpful.” - James B.

  • Dry Van Drivers

    “I worked here before and decided to return because everyone is friendly and it is a good work environment. The equipment is also very good and I like the local runs. ” - Patricia C.

  • Mechanics

    “Worked here before as a driver. I decided to come back to be a mechanic because I like the work, the work atmosphere, and my management team.” - Chuck J.

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Unleash the power of reliable hauling.

Proudly boasting the largest bulk fleet in Indiana, our arsenal comprises over 300 units, ensuring unparalleled capacity to address all your bulk transportation requirements. From aggreagte and coal to gypsum, ash, dirt, and anything transportable by our 39-foot end dumps, we’ve got you covered. With a track record of hauling over 4 million tons annually, we stand as a proven cornerstone in the industry. 

As a leading trucking company, we specialize in bulk, dry van, and pneumatic transportation, tailoring our services to meet the distinct requirements of our valued customers. Elmer Buchta takes great pride in being Indiana’s foremost bulk hauler, with a fleet of over 200 trucks and counting covering an impressive 10 million miles annually.

The daily driving force behind your business.

At the heart of our commitment to your success is our premier fleet of trucks and cutting-edge equipment. Rigorously maintained to the highest standards and equipped with the latest technology, your cargo is guaranteed to be in secure hands. Our seasoned team of drivers and logistics experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that align with your unique requirements, propelling you toward your daily business goals.

Ready to start your career?

Drive your career forward confidently and become a part of Buchta's enduring legacy of excellence.